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Great Attendance!

Posted by sunnywilliams on March 10, 2007

Every day I look over the attendance report.  Usually, I am pretty pleased with what I see.  We average a daily attendance of somewhere between 94 and 96%.  This past Thursday, I was absolutely amazed at our attendance.  There were 18 students absent Thursday.  That converts to 99% attendance, and there were no special programs, pep rallies, big games, etc.  This is a great indication of the positive things going on at HTMS.  I appreciate the hard work teachers put into designing lessons for students.  Their efforts are paying off!

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  1.   Charles Cash Says:

    I think that our teachers were working really hard this past week or two to set up projects and fun activities that made us want to come to school. In Mrs. House’s class we got to get in groups and design our own board game about Christianity. I also think no one wanted to miss any nine week tests.

  2.   Nicole Bohne Says:

    I think that school is good for all of us. I enjoy comeing to school so that we can lern more and see our friends. When i have a day that i like coming to school there based on the people who are going to be there and the work i’m going to lern that day. I think that more students should look on the brighter sight of why we come to school.

  3.   Tyler A. Says:

    Some days when I fill bab, I know that I really need to come. I want to come because if I dont then I know that I will have a lot of homework to make uo for my teachers.

  4.   Alan King Says:

    The things that keep me from staying home are sports events. If there is a game that day and I wasn’t at school then I can’t go. If I did go then I might see a teacher and they would ask why I wasn’t at school. I also like to come when we are doing a fun lab in Ms. Reardon’s class.

  5.   Bailey Chandler Says:

    I think it is good that attindence is great. The problem is I think most people only come because there parents make them or they have been absent to many times and have to come. I dont think every case is like that ,but when I talk to people about it thats what they say.

  6.   Aleesha White Says:

    One reason I usually end up coming to school is because my mom makes me. That sounds horrible but it’s true. The only reason I want to come to school is because I like seeing my friends, I don’t want to get behind, and that I know if I don’t I’ll suffer the consequences later. Coming to school can be annoying (no offense) but we all have to do it. Just remember, SUMMER’S ALMOST HERE!!!!

  7.   Jessica- 7th grade Says:

    I really like school this year because of the fact that we are able to take electives. It really relieves you for an hour from pure “math”, or pure “science”, which means you get to do something that you actually like to do. I get upset when I have to miss school now.

  8.   Kenna Brooke L. Says:

    Wow, that is very good to have a school of almost one thousand students and to only have 18 students absent is amazing. With no pep rally’s, big games, or special programs that is wonderful.

  9.   Hannah M. Says:

    We dont like being absent because we just love Hewitt. All the teachers mak elearning fun. We know they care about us. We hate to be absent.

  10.   Carlos Bozeman Says:

    Generally, I don’t mind coming to school, of cource like every normal person I have my days when I just simply cannot stand school. Overall, I am pretty consistent about coming to school and I plan on keeping that way.

  11.   Joshua Howard Says:

    Thats awesome that we had a 99% attendance! Hopefully one day we can get up to a 100%!

  12.   Zack Lee Says:

    It is really cool that everyone is now finally engaging in school and coming even if they are sick or have things to do. ^_^

  13.   Chris Parker Says:

    That is amazing. I think we all know it was all thanks to me though! Have we ever had that attendance percentage before? Maybe we can get 100% one day!

  14.   Carter Williams Says:

    I have come to school every day excapt for 2 days

  15.   Nick Says:

    I had great attendance so far too, well I think. It’s good to get great attendence because you lern more.

  16.   Erin Says:

    After reading your blog about how many students were absent on Thursday. I was surprised to see that only 18 students were absent that’s not that much. It would be so nice if every single person in the whole entire school wasn’t absent and that would be a miracle.

  17.   Anonymous Says:

    Dr. Williams I like how everybody is attending school it is cool how at least 94 or 95 percent of everybody is coming. I bet it was a record for the most people that this school has had in a long time. I hope that will happen a lot more.

  18.   Jasen White Says:

    Dr. Williams I like how everybody is attending school it is cool how at least 94 or 95 percent of everybody is coming. I bet it was a record for the most people that this school has had in a long time. I hope that will happen a lot more.

  19.   Mason Says:

    99% of the students being here on Thuursday is amazing. The teachers must be doing a great job. All teachers keep up the great work.

  20.   Annie Says:

    I agree our school has really good attendance.

  21.   Maya Says:

    I think attedance in general is great. There may be a couple of people who are late a couple of times but I personally think people being on time to school is wonderful.

  22.   Carter Williams Says:

    Like I said I HAVE TO COME TO SCHOOL. My mom makes me.

  23.   alyssa Says:

    i like coming everyday it was fun to see my friends and to learn. a few years ago i had perfect attendance.

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