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More Great Things From Classrooms

Posted by sunnywilliams on March 16, 2007

As we all leave for break, I want to take the chance to reiterate the wonderful things going on daily at HTMS.  Laura Reddick’s students have entered art work into a contest sponsored by the National Middle School Association.  I helped cover her class earlier in the week so she could co-teach an activity with Niki Lincoln for social studies.  Her students applied mathematical concepts as they drew tessellations.  I was able to listen to Brenda Graffeo’s students share poems as beatniks in a coffee house.  I sat in on a discussion in Darrell Stovall’s class.  Students read the article from Time and participated in a discussion about it.  Over the past few weeks, all of the 6th graders went to Birmingham Southern to participate in a variety of ecological activities.  Kids came back very excited about what they learned.  Jamey Curlee is kicking off his body systems unit using the movie Supersize Me.  Erin McGuyer’s students taught me some new tricks in PowerPoint as I walked around her classroom.  Sandy Hoffman’s students rotated through different stations during class.  They had choice in working with a partner or alone and to solve a variety of problems. Check the stairwells going upstairs to see great examples of Jan Sterling’s students illustrating solutions to a problem using different strategies.  Go up the stairs in front of the counselors’ offices.  Emily Walsh had students brainstorm using different strategies (drawing a picture, creating a web, using other graphic organizers, or free write.)  Haley Nichols allowed her students to select from a variety of high interest articles.  Students with the same article formed groups and wrote persuasive essays based on their articles.  Anita Dobb’s students celebrated Pi Day (3/14) by doing a variety of math activities that required students to utilize Pi in their solving of problems.  Joy Young’s students used Excel to recreate and fill in their tournament brackets.  They then utilized the program to calculate the winning percentages based on their brackets.  Very high interest way of teaching students the Excel. Ann House’s students created board games to demonstrate their learning.  Tracy Gulledge’s students dissected hearts; I never was able to dissect anything beyond a frog.  Larry Jones’ students had rocket launches to test different principles in physics.  Did you see the article in the Birmingham News the other morning about the cafeteria’s 100 score on the latest health rating? 

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  1.   David H Says:

    Mrs. Dobbs’s Pi Day was cool, our group got closest to Pi so we ended up eating a mini moonpie. It was good, too =)

    The cafeteria’s 100 score is great. I think we’re pretty lucky to have a school cafeteria with great cooks who actually care about how we eat. I’d just like to thank all of the lunchroom staff for all the great meals you’ve prepared for us.

  2.   Abby M. Says:

    I agree that we are having a lot of fun things happening in our school. I am in Mrs. McGuyer’s Newspaper class and she has been teaching us how to use the latest technologies, such as Wikispaces, Podcast, and Powerpoint. I am also in Mrs. Lincoln’s class and she is holding a Europe project where we make exhibits about various countries. We can make movies, posters, and even food. Every teacher is opening a new door that will teach technology to students and I think we are definately having fun and benifiting from it too.

  3.   Annie Says:

    It is so great that we are learning cool and amazing things in such fun ways.

  4.   Maria Says:

    I think that learning through other ways than just writing notes is the best way to learn. It sometimes amazes me how much our school has advenced in technology. On Community Math Night, it was astonoshing how much we learned with only multiplication, and I really think that a lot of teachers are trying to teach like that, and it’s really cool that we just don’t learn history in history class, but other subjects as well.

  5.   jameson Says:

    I think alot of great things are going on in htms,those are a small amount of the good going on in this school.Students and teachers are pitching in and making this a better school,the custodians are also helping by making the school clean and sanitary for the rest of us.

  6.   Nichole C. Says:

    I like doing interactive things during class. It is a lot more fun than just sitting and taking notes everyday. Doing disection and making projects are lots of fun and I hope we continue doing them.

  7.   kailey Says:

    It sounds like our school is doing very well. I am loving some of the projects that our classes are working on. I also love to walk around and see all of the awsome drawings that the art studentds have done. In Mrs. Dobbs class the pie activity was really fun. I also think that the movie SUPER SIZE ME is a real eye opener.

  8.   Jaclyn Says:

    Dear Dr. Williams,
    I am very excited that you got to see some of the things we learn in class. I especially am excited that you got to see the activities or experiments we do during class, because those are the most interesting ways to learn instead of just sitting there and reading out of the book the whole day. We are thrilled to know that our lunch room recieved a 100 in health, because they do so much for us and we never really appreciate it or just simply say thank you.

  9.   Grey Says:

    well I’m pretty surprised because only half the school eats that food. But honestly I dont mind because I normally like the food.

  10.   Emily Moore Says:

    I was a part of one of the discussions in Mr. Stovall’s class. I actually really enjoyed it. At first, I didn’t think I would, but it turned out to be fun. It was something different than what we usually do in class. We got to take a break from all of our classwork and state our own opinion on new ideas for school.
    We, as students, got to talk to each and keep the discussion going on our own rather than having a teacher tell us what to say. I think we should do that more often.

  11.   Rebecca Brown Says:

    Yea I heard about the cafeteria’s rating. Good Job lunch ladies! I loved learning new things this year, like in Mr. Jones class. I loved it when we shot off rockets in to the air. Also in Mrs. Young’s class we are learning Excel by using Men’s Basketball Bracket. But my favorite class is Art with
    Mrs. Reddick. My art work went to the Birmingham Museum of Art. It all happened because of Mrs. Reddick. I have chosen the BEST teachers this year! I loved 8th grade better than any other grades!
    ~Rebecca Brown~

  12.   Logan Robinson Says:

    Dr. Williams I was in Mr. Stovall’s class yesterday during the discussion and I enjoyed it because most teachers don’t let us students have a free discussion about anything. Normally the teacher picks you and you say what you think, but when the class trys to start a discussion the teacher stops us before anything can be said. So when Mr. Stovall let us discuss about the classroom going into the 21st centry accutally got me excited about language.

  13.   Josh Says:

    I was in Mr. Jones class and we were shooting rockets and they were going higher than the flag pole. It was very fun and we got to have certain jobs and like shooting the rocket, keeping time, and getting the altitude.

  14.   Morgan Roper Says:

    I was in Mr. Stovall’s class during the discussion about the article in TIME magazine.It was very interesting. I was also in Mrs. Young’s class when we made Excel spreadsheets for the NCAA Championships. That was a fun way to learn about Excel.

  15.   Alex Johnson Says:

    I think that it is great theat everyone is learning new things and learning about new technology. I have Mr. Jones and Mrs. Young for my teachers. In Mr. Jones class we have been learning about Newton’s laws. The rockets we launched had water in them and while rising through the air the water was released causing a reaction on the rocket to go higher. It is also fun learning about spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. You can use this program for several things like formulas in math, tables, charts, brackets and a lot more cool things.

  16.   Chase Beacham Says:

    I have Mr. Jones, and we have been learning about Newton’s three laws of motion. We have also been launching rockets, and it has been real fun.

  17.   Ciara Morgan Says:

    I went on the feild trip on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun learning about how to protect our environment. A man there, Chris, taught us how to make jewery out of trash. We also went to the gardens and learned about North and South Alabama’s plants. Chris also let us eat some of the Rosemary in the herb garden and smell the Jasmine blooms. They were so beatiful smelling. I had so much fun.

  18.   Elizabeth Giattina Says:

    Birmingham Southern was a ton of fun! I learned a whole lot!!I learned how to use trash and recyle them to make something new out of them! I also learned why we recycle!! It was very neat! I had a great time! I think you should all go!!! You can learn a lot!! It is so cool to see what you can make with trash or even old, rusty cars! You would love it!=)

  19.   Katie Says:

    No I didn’t see the artical in the news. But I did enjoy going to the Birmingham Southern Environmental Center. Ny favorite think was making recycled jewlry. I had a lot of fun this nine weeks. Got to go now bye.

  20.   mason Says:

    you highired great teachers.

  21.   Austin Says:

    Well, I am in Mrs. Gulledge’s class and I was with the heart disection. It was neat to see all of the stuff that was included with the heart. Also, I am in Mrs. McGuyer’s class with the Powerpoints. It’s interesting learning about what all you can make and do with a powerpoint. Since we are doing a powerpoint project, we have to make a powerpoint titled “Playing it safe Webquest.” It’s all about internet safety and surfing the internet.

  22.   Luke Says:

    All the classrooms have been doing a lot of great things. Have a great day.

  23.   Anonymous Says:

    Mrs. Dobbs Pi day was really neat.

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