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Stop Cyberbullying Day

Posted by sunnywilliams on March 31, 2007

Yesterday was Stop Cyberbullying Day.  I encourage each student to really think about how they treat each other in cyberspace.  You may think that words written on your computer won’t hurt someone, but they really do.

Here are some hints. 

  • When you are angry or hurt, don’t write an email, send an IM, post to MySpace, etc.  Step away from your computer and give yourself some time before responding to something.
  • Write as if the person you are talking about, their parents, or your parents are sitting beside you reading what you are writing.  If you don’t think any of these people would like what you are writing, don’t.
  • Remember, you can’t take back words that you have written. 
  • Don’t write something that you might be sorry for writing in the future.
  • Respect!  Always be respectful of others.  This doesn’t mean that you have to like everyone, but you should always be respectful of others.

We live in a time of great access to tools (Internet, blogs, MySpace, etc) that expand our world beyond Trussville.   There is a great deal of positive information and opportunities because of these tools, but we all must learn how to use them appropriately and for good.

7 Responses to “Stop Cyberbullying Day”

  1.   jameson Says:

    I think that cyberbullying is a very mean and wimpy thing to do,The ways you listed on how to not tell something you will regret are great.

  2.   Bradley Isbell Says:

    There was this one time when I was on this chat place. I had been spamed and cussed at the whole time. when I finally caught up with the mod he said he would block his account and his address. so everyone started to send me all kinds of thank you notes.

  3.   Hannah M. Says:

    I agree, we should step away from the computer when we are mad. I know from expirence that you can really hurt someone’s feeling when you are mean on myspace or AIM. I wish there was less cyberbullying in our world.

  4.   jessica Says:

    i think that cyberbullying is really bad and hurtfull.

  5.   Alex Ashby Says:

    I know people are going to take this the wrong way but… cyberbullying is kind of cowerdly. If I was getting cyberbullyed I would feel kind of honored. It just shows the person is to scared to confront you in person.


  6.   Kasey Tuggle Says:

    I didn’t take what Alex wrote the wrong way. I agree with him.

  7.   J.P. Morrison Says:

    Yeah, I agree. Bullying in general is really bad and some people might not know how hurtful it is to the people they are bullying. It can really make someones day bad.

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