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Stories from Parents

Posted by sunnywilliams on March 31, 2007

In the April newsletter, I mentioned some stories I heard from parents about times when their children got upset when they had to miss school because they¬†were sick or times when kids got into the car after school and couldn’t wait to tell you about their day.¬†

If you are a student, you can write about a time when you got very excited about something in school.

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  1.   Bradley Isbell Says:

    I remember a time where I jumped, literally, into my dad’s car so I could tell him I got a 103 on my math test. So when I did I hit my head really, really HARD on the roof. I hade forgotten what I was going to tell him. so I had to tell him the next day.

  2.   alex Says:

    cool I’m the first poster
    It was the day of spring fling last year(I was in the 6th grade) I couldn’t wait to tell my mom that our class were the ones to win overall(In our team)

  3.   David H Says:

    I’m always excited when we do something big, like dissect something in Science, or go on a Field Trip. I always tell my parents about what happened in school, or something funny that a friend said. A lot of people think of school as something boring. To me, something boring is something that is done over and over again, and in this school, that doesn’t happen. That’s why every day when I get off my bus, I call my mom at work and tell her what happened at school today.

  4.   Park Says:

    I get excited like that when I have gotten great grades or done something amazing at school. I like those moments because they don’t come often.

  5.   Conor C. Says:

    When I get sick sometimes I realy want to go to school because there is nothing to realy do at your house because none of your friends are home and the only thing on tv are paid programing shows and realy long comercials. The only thing you can do is to sit around and feel bad. At least there is something to do at school.

  6.   Meredith Hunter Says:

    One time when I was excited about telling my mom something was when I found out I had a 106 in Community Living. I found out about that in 1st Period, so it was hard for me to wait six more periods until I could tell my mom.

  7.   Taylor Says:

    Things I get excited about at school are when we have spirit days or any type of dress-up day. Also when we are doing a fun lab in science class. The day I get the most excited is when we have Spring Fling. That day is always fun and a great time to be with friends. Some people may think school is boring and you can’t get excited about it, but I think you can always get excited about school no matter what.

  8.   Mason Says:

    I get excited about football games or pep-rallies. I like the noise. Football is fun. I like to watch it and play it. Pep-ralllies are fun, upbeat, and uplifting.

  9.   kailey Says:

    A time when I was very excited about school was when I made an A in my Pre-algebra clas. I had been struggling with that class and then I got my grade and I couldn’t wait to tell my parents. Also when I got all A’s on my report card.

  10.   chase Says:

    something that I was proud to tell my mom after school was that I had gotten a citizenship riben at school that day and I was so proud and so was my mom

  11.   Abby M. Says:

    As a student at HTMS, I think that there are some days that I love to go home and talk about my day. Usually though, the fun parts have to do with what my friends said or did that day. If I am excited about a field trip, then I will tell my parents. There are some days though that you are loaded with 3 projects and tests that I tell my parents but I am not exactly excited about it.

  12.   Hannah M. Says:

    On the first day of school I got so excited about my teachers. I went home and told my parents how cool they are. I love my teachers so much this year. I had just started at Hewitt last year and my mom was happy that I was starting off with a good year!

  13.   Maria Says:

    A time I was very excited when I found out how fun every class was at the beginning of the school year. In Art I could express my creativity. I can explore the latest technology during Newspaper. Science is my favorite subject. I love the projects that we get to do in Social Studies. Pre-Algebra makes me struggle, but in a good way. I relax from my hectic day in P.E. And in English, we get to explore the wonderful English language. This is all topped of with some of the best friends in each and every class.

  14.   Chandler B. Says:

    I hate staying out of school cause your sick cause all you can do is sit there and sleep or watch tv which is no fun cause there is never anything on.I also know that the very next day I will have a lot of make up work.

  15.   Matthew Says:

    A time I was really exited was when I made the track team in 4th grade. I made presidental on everything in the fitness test. I made it again in 5th grade. Now, im on it presently for 7th grade. I like running, and I think I’m pretty fast. Also, in 5th grade we did juggeling, There were about 12 objects you had to juggle and work your way up to the harder ones. The last on was clubs, and the second to last one was rings. I was on rings, and it was the last day of school, and I had to get 50 catches. It was 2 miniutes untill the bell rang, and my last try to pass it off, and I did it! I was like, “Yes!!!!” 5th grade was my favorite year, and it seemed everyday went right for me that year. I told my mom about recess that day when we played ultimate frisby and football. Even if it wasn’t an exiting day I told my mom everything.

  16.   Jessica Says:

    I love to come to school each day because usually, we are doing some type of fun project that is annoying to have to miss. I have never enjoyedmissing school because I love to come to school. My favorite part of the day is going to electives because they are so fun and its a break from cont. learning.


  17.   Allison Says:

    I do not like staying home from school most of the time. When I do I miss a lot of work and get behind. School can be hard and boring, but some of the things we do are really fun. I mostly enjoy electives. When I am at school a lot of funny things can happen and it makes my day interesting.

  18.   Mary Says:

    One day after school, my mom was coming to pick me up and I was so excited because we were going to my sisters birthday party! We were going out to eat and I am a HUGE family person!! So I couldn’t wait!!

  19.   alex Says:

    One time that I got excited about something at school was when it was the last day of school and I was SO glad that it was summer! I had waited so long after we got back from the Winter Break that I started to count the days until school was out, but I only included the days that we had school, to the last day.

  20.   anna Says:

    Hey!!! The day of school when I was most excited was the first day, because I knew that there was going to be new kids that didn’t know what to do, and that I could help them. I actually did meet one girl named Alyssa. She was sitting alone and I know that I would want a friend on the first day of school. So, I went up to her and told her about me and invited her to where me and my friends were sitting. We are still good friends and have a lot in common.

  21.   Nick Says:

    Yes I have been very excited before or after school. If i had to choose my best time it would be Coach Curlee’s Class. The reaon I picked this one is that we were going to do a disection on a fish. Yes it might sound gross but it wasn’t. Actually it was very fun and interesting.All the materials and bones made you realize how complex creatures are. But that was my most excited moment at school.

  22.   Keli Says:

    Heyy Doctor Williams!
    i was just going to tell about this one time i got extremely excited about school!!
    It was last year and i was in the 6th grade. Mrs. Stacy Freeman was my teacher and she decided we were going to do this project. We were going to call it green team. Its where we were going to go to Paine Primrary and teach the 2nd graders about science like ecosystems and conservation. Also recycling and more. We got to do everything for this project. it was a blast we did backcoards and we even got to design o a t-shirt. the best part was that it said staff on the back we all felt like big shots. When it was nearing time to go we all got super pumped and we all soo hyped up about going and did all the things we could to make it all the more enjoyable for the kids. When the morning rolled around that we were actually going to go i jumped straight out of bed. When we went the kids were so fun and the team did awesome!! That was probably the most exciting thing that i ever did in 6th grade but 7th has come around and you never know what tomorrow could bring!!
    Keli! :]]

  23.   Ashton Says:

    One day when I was in 4th grade we were going on a feild trip and I was so happy. I woke up that morning at 5:00 and I was soo excited about going on that feild trip. I went and got my mom up because she was going to so that she could go ahead and get ready so we could leave early and get me some breakfeast from Arby’s(that is my favorite place to get breakfats from!) We left and went to go get breakfast and when we got to school I was so ready to get out of that car and go on that feild trip!!!! So that was one of the days I was soo excited to go to school!!!!!

  24.   Sotiri Christopoulos Says:

    I get very exited when I miss Mrs.Ryans class.Every day in her class is the best.I am going to miss her next year.

  25.   Meredith McNamee Says:

    Whenever we do something fun or if I make a good grade at school, I can’t wait to tell my mom when I get in the car. I don’t like missing school because I get really behind, and sometimes when I come back I’m a little lost.

  26.   Cole Says:

    There has only been a few times I went home so excited about school. The one that I remember is that I was in the 7th grade and we went to spring fling and we had the best time with Coach Curlee. We won the kickball game. He was telling us in the dugout while we were batting to kick it as hard as we can and don’t stop running till they get in front of us everybody did it and so we won. That is my favorite memory of school.

  27.   Sara Says:

    One time that I was very excited to come to school was when we got to go to the Renaissance Fair. Me and my friends spent the night together & we had to wake up at like 4:30 in the morning so we could be at school at 5:00. The feild trip was a lot of fun, even though it was freezing cold and poured down rain the whole time.

  28.   Kayla Tourtillott Says:

    I remember being in the sixth grade and I was so excited I was finally getting to go to MIDDLE SCHOOL!! I remember my mom asking me if I was excited about going to middle school for my first day of school and I said yes. I thought she was going to fall out of her chair she was so surprised I said yes. Of course I was even more excited about Spring Fling!

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