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Summer Plans

Posted by sunnywilliams on May 17, 2007

I am sure that you are all very sad to end the school year and will spend the summer missing everything about HTMS.  :)  I am going to spend the summer getting the school ready for next year, reading, and hopefully finding time to spend with friends and family.  What are your plans for the summer?  Check the blog out this summer as I make posts every week or so.

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  1.   Ashley Davis Says:

    I’m goin to hang out with my friends all summer and my mom is making me go to the pool at least 3 times a week. I might be babysitting to earn me a little cash. I will also be goin down to the beach with all my family(12 people, plus some of my friends(hopfully Nikki, Jenny and Ashleigh)

  2.   Weston Weller Says:

    During the summer I am going to have a lot of fun with friends and family. I just cant wait till summer and I now i,ll enjoy it.

  3.   Dani Febres-Cordero Says:

    This summer I going to visit my friends from Venezuela, and I hope I get a time to talk to my friends from HTMS because I am going to Alabama School of Fine Arts next year. I t hink that’s all I am foing to do.

  4.   Shelby Hudson Says:

    This summer, I plan on going to Memphis, TN, to visit my friends and family. I also plan on going to the lake and to the beach. This summer is mostly taken up by basketball practice and camps.

  5.   Taylor Says:

    I am so excited about summer! I am counting down the days! I have only a couple of things planned this summer. Hopefully, I will be able to go to the beach, and go shopping a lot. I plan to have a great summer whether I get to go place or not! Hope yall all have a great summer!

  6.   John Huffman Says:

    I’m going to California

  7.   Elisa Richards Says:

    I dont really have a lot of plans. Most of my summer will be spent at cheerleading pratices and friends by the pool. Besides that I am going to the beach twice. That’s about all, but ya don’t need anything but the sun and great friends.


  8.   Cole Gunter Says:

    I am going to the beach and swim in my pool. That is really all i am going to be doing. Oh yah and I am also going to go to
    THE BASEMENT!!!(which by the way is the bomb dot com, trust me I have been going for almost 1 year) :)

  9.   Austen W. Says:

    This summer I will be spending lots of my time at the barn. I’ll be helping with “little kids” camps and just hanging out with other barn friends. There will be lots of spend-the-nights with my barn friends and stuff like that.

  10.   Brittany Davis Says:

    I am going to Tennesse from some of the summer. Then I am going to go to the beach for a week. I will go swimming alot and watch alot of T.V.

  11.   sunnywilliams Says:

    Wow! It sounds like you all are going to be busy having fun with friends in the sun. I am jealous of all of the places you are going!
    Dr. Williams

  12.   Jonathan Kramer Says:

    Im am going to play football all summer and sleep in when can and be lazy.

  13.   Robert Isbell Says:

    I am getting ready for vacation in June. We are going back to Florida. It’s gonna be awesome. I can’t wait. We got today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We are also going to Spring Valley Beach. I really am waiting for it.

    Robert I.

  14.   Bailey Chandler Says:

    During the summer I will probley go to the beach sometime. Most of the other time with my friends but starting July, 16 i have camp for high stepper. I hope it will be a great summer though. I wan to go to Mexico or Miami though but we will see.

  15.   Nikki Morton Says:

    I’m will hang out with my friends and family as much as I can. I’m hoping to see my mom, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and my grandparents. I want to go to the pool. But most of all I can’t wait for the High School! I’m going next year and I’m so excited about it because it’s a new school and I want to see my friends who are already there. I am going to miss my 7th grade friends.

  16.   Morgan R. Says:

    I am so ready for summer! Even though Im not going to be seeing the people I normally see, Im still excited. Im planning on sleeping in, eating forever, going to cheerleading practices, going to the lake, dont forget the beach, and being stupid with my friends.

  17.   Alan King Says:

    This summer will be great. I am going to the beach 2 times this summer. Once with my family and the other with my friends.I will go to my friend’s house to swim alot this summer and just hangout with all my friends. Like going to the movies, bowling, going to each other’s houses, and going out to eat. This summer will be very fun.

  18.   Charles Cash Says:

    My summer plans are to go back to Miami, Florida and spend time with my family. We might go to the beach or play sports over by the park. I am looking foward to being back home.

  19.   David Tourtellotte Says:

    Well, this summer I’m going alot of places. I’m going to the beach, on a cruise, my house, Georgia, and probably the MOON!!! It’s really fun up there. But I’m also going to run A TON because I’m doing High School Cross Country and Track for the next four years. So I’ll see ya later people.

  20.   Alex Ashby Says:

    I am going to be playing baseball most of the summer. I am playing for the Cahaba Mudcats and we go all over the South East. My first Tournament is in Memphis, I can’t wait to go.
    Also I will more than likely will be going up to my Aunt’s Lake house. Drive the jet skis, sking, grilling, etc.
    I think that I will have a very good summer this year.

  21.   Carlos Bozeman Says:

    I am going to Dallas,Texas and to the Bahamas. I will be in sort of a rush because I have summer workouts for football all through July. Despite the time advantage, I am still looking forward to a great summer with friends and family.

  22.   Kasey Tuggle Says:

    This summer I will be extremely busy. On almost every week i have a softball tournament. The weekends that I don’t have a tournament I am going to Pannama City with my church, Tennessee on a mission trip, and to the Bahamas. Some where in the middle of all that I am going to be takin the ACT, studing for the math portion of the graduation exam, and reading. I look forward to this summer.

  23.   Meredith McNamee Says:

    This summer I am going to my grandparent’s house in Anna Maria Island, FL for two weeks. The second week we are there, some of my cousins are going to be there also. We are leaving the weekend after school’s out. I will also be going to the pool a lot, hanging out with my friends, and surfing the internet. I can’t wait!

  24.   Morgan Roper Says:

    This summer I am going to the beach with my family. I plan to hang out with my friends and go swimming. I can’t wait until summer!

  25.   Adam Trammell Says:

    Well am going to work half of my summer and wehn get home form working i will probaly be muddin wiht my friends like every day. I will be going to the beach for about all july.

  26.   Anna Dailey Says:

    This summer I am going to be fairly busy. In June, I am going with my church youth group to a camp at the beach called Big Stuff. I will also be riding my horse a lot, preparing for any horse shows that are coming up. Almost all of July I will be at band camp, preparing for football games, and learning the half-time show. Overall my summer will be vary busy!

  27.   Sara Says:

    My summer is going to include a lot of Bible studies, church, and of course, the Basement. I’m so excited for the summer because once school is out, I can focus more of building my faith without the distraction of school work. But the week after the 4th of July, highstepper camp and practice will take up all my time until the beginning of 9th grade.

  28.   Kinsey Says:

    This summer I am going to Montana to visit my family. I am also going to Minnesota for my cousin’s graduation. When I come back I will have to go to basketball practice and the basketball team camp! I will also have to go to cross country practice and the camp for that. When I don’t have any practice or camps to go to, I will hang out with my friends in my neighborhood and go to the YMCA to swim, run, and play basketball. My summer will be a lot of fun!!!!!

  29.   Nolan Hoffman Says:

    It is kind of sad leaving the eight grade if you think about it, but I will still get see my friends and hang out. I think most of all I will miss my teachers. They have been really nice and have helped me grow and learn. Hopefully I will get to see them this summer. This summer my plans are to have some time off and hopefully I will get to go to Michigan again. My family has been going there ever since I can remember. This summer will be fun.

  30.   Amy Walker Says:

    I am really going to be very busy. Right after I get out of school, my family is going on a vacation to Florida and then I get one at home. Then, I to go to Texas on a church trip. After all of that, I’ll probably just hang out with my friends. Starting July 16th, I’ve got marching band camp through probably Novemeber or December until all the contests are over.

  31.   Tiffany Lindsey Says:

    I am very sad that this is my last year in middle school. I am going to miss it very much. My plans for the summer are just to go to the beach and hang out with my friends and have a good time. I will also be at THE BASEMENT every tuesday and worshiping! i cant wait! Have a great summer!

  32.   Brittney McCormick Says:

    This summer I am going to Myrle Beach, SC. Then I am going to swim and hang out with my friends.

  33.   Kirby Wilson Says:

    This summer I hope to go on a cruise with my family and hang out with my friends. I hope to get to go to the pool a whole lot, and I will definatley spend a lot of time with my family. I am also going to Panama City for a youth camp called Centerfuge.

  34.   Maria Says:

    This summer I plan on catching up on the latest TV shows, knitting, and reading. On July 10th, I’m going to Colombia to visit my dad. There, I’ll go to Bogota, Cartagena, & Monteria. We’ll visit museums, beaches, and maybe the Amazons. I’m a little nervous because of how dangerous Colombia is, but this is the second time I do this, so hopefully nothing will happen.

  35.   Jon Brumlow Says:

    I am going to the beach with my grandparents. I am going to play baseball during the month of June and then football practice starts.

  36.   john Says:

    Hey Doctor Williams, its me John(Nguyen)and ide jsut like to say what I did this summer. Lets see first i went to Panama Beach with my friend and it was great!(besides the sun burns=D)i also went to VIsion Land or “American Adventure” about 4 times this summer lol!(laugh out loud)

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