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Excited about 2007 – 2008

Posted by sunnywilliams on July 13, 2007

Can you believe that school will start back in just about 4 weeks?  We are hard at work finishing scheduling, cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for you to return.  Although many of you are not ready to return, we are very excited about the day you all come back.  The school is quite quiet while you aren’t here. 

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  1.   Shelby Hudson Says:

    I am ready to go back to school and see all of my friends, but i am not ready to learn and sit in a class room all day. The summer is really fun but there comes a time when you have to switch on your brain, buckle down, and learn something. Yeah, it is hard having to get up at 5:00 every morning since we have gotten used to getting up around 10:00 or 11:00, but you have to learn and get a good education or you won’t go very far in life. Alot of people won’t agree with me on this, but school is very interesting, because you are always learning new things, and sometimes having fun doing that. I am going into the 9th grade in the fall, and I am not super excited about going to high school, but I know if I keep my head on straight and focus, it will be a great year for me.

  2.   Tatum Says:

    hey!! this summer i went to alot of places and mynfavoritee was my lake houseee!!
    its upp on smith lake in cullmann.
    i rode inturtubes with all my friendss and rode wakeboardss and everthingg!!
    it wass soo funn!!
    but i am soo excided about cheering and having a gret year!!!

  3.   lanisha Says:

    I’m so excited about 07-08 and to meet new teachers.

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