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Harry Potter

Posted by sunnywilliams on July 24, 2007

I know that the last book in the Harry Potter series was released this past weekend.  Have you read it? What did you think?  What else did you read over the summer?

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  1.   kristen Says:

    Hey i saw the movie this summer and i thought it was good,but not as good as the other movies.. Well also i read the clique books this summer and they were great for middle school students!
    well i hoped you liked the book and movie..!!

  2.   tori Says:

    No I did not read or go see harry potter. I do not get in to those kind of books. Have a great day. Bye

  3.   yvonne Says:

    wow i thought the ending was so strange but i liked it a lot a very good ending to hp

  4.   Daniel Says:

    havent read it yet but working on book 4

  5.   usman Says:

    Yes, a little bit of it. It was good.

  6.   lance Says:

    No, i was not able to read the Harry Potter book but i read other books. I read this book called travel team it’s a basketball book.

  7.   Sam Says:

    I think the new book is awesome. Voldemort takes over the Ministry of Magic. Yeah, Harry dies though.

  8.   hannah Says:

    i read tons of books but i cant name them all

  9.   makayla Says:

    i raelly havent read anthing over the summer

  10.   jimmy Says:

    i did not read this but i did see the movie it was kinda boaring but those books are so loooonnggggg i dont like long books but ok bye Dr.williams

  11.   anna Says:

    no i havent read this book yet dr.williams but i would like to! i am a pretty big harry potter fan and cant wait to read it!

  12.   Jack Says:

    hey i didn’t read anythign this summer, sorry :( but look at my smiley face.. it’s cool ☺

  13.   jesse Says:


  14.   AJ Says:

    I didnt read very much tis summer but i did read thge first 2 hary potter book, and i hope to read the newest book.

  15.   liz Says:

    I have not read Harry Potter but I want to. I have heard it is really good!

  16.   Hannah Says:

    Hey Dr. Williams!!
    I didn’t read Harry Potter, but it looks good!!
    The only thing I read was The Clique By:Lisa Harrison:]
    It was really good!

  17.   lindsey Says:

    I did not read anything last summer.
    You are awsome!!!!!!!!!

  18.   Hannah Says:

    Dear Dr. Williams,
    I have not read the b ook yet but i heard it is a great book.

  19.   Victoria Says:

    No I didn’t read Harry Potter,but I did read a Nancy Drew book called The Clue of the Broken Locket and I really liked it. I usually like to read mystery books. I’ll try to read it when I can.

  20.   Johnathan Says:

    I didn’t get to the new Harry Potter but I heard so many good things about it. I read the book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and watched the movie too! I enjoyed them both! Next I hope to read The next two books Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Deathy hollows!!!

  21.   Jasen Says:

    Hey Dr. Williams I didn’t read Harry Potter this summer. I only read one book and it was the bible.

  22.   Brady Says:

    I read nothing this summer.

  23.   b Says:

    i did not read harry potter, but i saw the movie! it was great!

  24.   Nick Says:

    Heyy !!!!! I didn’t really read this year but im happy to be back at school.

  25.   john Says:

    I read about ide say, 3 books or more this summer and they were great i loved them and reading is great!

  26.   Amanda Says:

    Hey Dr. Williams I didn’t read anything this summer but I’ll read it if you want me to. Any way Yesterday was awsome! The first day of school is my favorite day of school!!!

  27.   Darra Says:

    I read four books this Summer,But Im still on my last book.

  28.   Ian Says:

    The new Harry Potter book sounds good but I haven’t read it yet.

  29.   Ciara Says:

    I did get the book from my grand parents. I didn’t read it yet though. I read the 5th and 6th Harry Potter this summer. I also read Among the Barons. I really enjoy reading and hope to finish the 7th book very soon.

  30.   alex Says:

    I like harry potter books

  31.   taylor Says:

    I havent really read anything this summer I have been way to busy but I am reading something right now called Here Today.

  32.   Ian Says:

    The movie sounds good also

  33.   taylor Says:

    i havent really read anything this summer because i have been way to busy btu i am reading somthing called Here Today

  34.   ginger Says:

    I am in the middle of reading the last Harry Potter book. It is wery good. It is packed with action and has kept me on the edge of my seat while reading it. You would never guess waht happens to Harry.
    I also read a book named Fairest, about a girl who isn’t very pretty, but has an amazing singing voice. She captures the prince’s heart, but is thrown in the dungeons once she is discovered singing for the queen who is very beautiful, but has a heart of stone. I enjoyed the book immensly.

  35.   Alex Says:

    Dear Dr. Williams,
    I am on page 102 in the last Harry Potter book right now. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and, in my opinion, I think the book is awesome so far. I have not been able to read it very much lately because the day before school started, I got back from the beach with my neighbors. They asked me to come with them so I could help babysit their kids. I also had my own bedroom in a gigantic condo called the Pheonix 10.

  36.   alex Says:

    Harry potter is a very good book.I have read all of them

  37.   Matthew Says:

    I got the book 4 days ago and I am half way through with it. It is VERY good so far. I cant wait to see what happens at the end!

  38.   adam Says:

    I read the new harry potter book too. I thought it was a really good book. It really left my mind reeling afterwards though with all that drama and everything. I can’t wait to see the movie for it even though i know it will be a long while. Hope everyone else liked this book.

  39.   David Says:

    I liked it, it was a little far-fetched though, at some parts. Other than that, the storyline was great, and the ending was even better. I’m sort of wishing that it wasn’t the last Harry Potter book.

  40.   Thomas Says:

    I’m not really not taht interested in the books because it takes soooo much longer to read and the book only has a few more details so i like sticking to the movies, but i am excited to see all of the Harry Potter movies.

  41.   jameson Says:

    im on page like 150 and have read the other books,havent had much time to read it ,but am working it

  42.   Cody Says:

    I read it and I thought it was great.

  43.   Daniel Says:

    It was awesome

  44.   Anonymous Says:

    i really don’t like the Harry Potter books. they get really boring. the movies are nice though, they move it along alot more quicker. thamks, have a nice day! :D

  45.   alex Says:

    I have read the new Harry Potter book. It had a LOT of irony (or plot twists) in it. I still loved it anyways. you rock Dr. williams!!!

  46.   Jared Says:

    I read the book and thought it was really great and have already read it twice and plan on reading it a third time.

    P.S. Don’t make us have so much homewok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47.   Tyler Says:

    I thought it was great i wish there were more though.I read it in less than 24hrs so i guess i have 2 find a new series.I thought it was the best one yet.

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