First Days of 2007 – 2008

We have completed the second full day of school.  I so enjoyed seeing everyone again and getting the chance to meet the new 6th graders and new students to our school.  I also enjoyed visiting classrooms.  Your teachers have already started doing great things with you in class.  Tell me what you thought of the first two days of school.

79 thoughts on “First Days of 2007 – 2008

  1. I have had a great start this year. It was great to get to see all of my friends and meet new peole.I also like my teachers. I am having a great school year so far. This year is going to be great.We are already learning a lot of new things too.

  2. The first two days of shcool weren’t the best days of my life but I still enjoyed them. I really like my classes and the teachers so I think I’ll have fabulous year.

  3. The first days of school were great. I enjoyed all the classes that I am in. My teachers are very sweet and I know that I will have a great school year with them. I would just like to thank everyone who helps out with our school for allowing us to have a good school year! Thank you!

  4. I thought that the first couple days of school were very exicting and fun. I couldn’t wait to get to school for the second day to see how great that would be. I have enjoyed school and can’t wait for each day.

  5. I thought it was hectic the first 2 periods and then 3rd and 4th period it was boring(no offense)then lunch 5th period helped with the “boringness” and 6th and 7th made it fun! Toady was fun all day because we started working in every class today instead of sitting and tlaking about each other and learning about each other.

  6. The first two days of school were fun. I got to see all of my friends that I had not seen for the whole summer. I also got to know all of my new teachers, and so far I like them. They are all very nice and fun. I am hoping that the rest of the school year will just as much fun.

  7. The first 2 days of 8th grade were really fun. I was glad to see everyone again. Im looking foward to all the cool things we will be doing in class. I like all of my teachers and think this is going to be a great year.

  8. Dr.Williams,
    My first day of school was great. I had so much fun meeting all my new teachers. My teachers are great and so nice. Also I got to see my new friends that I had not seen all summer.

  9. Dr. Williams,

    My first day of school was fun. The halls were really crowded. But i got to see all my friends which was the best part. It was great to see everyone. All my teachers were really nice and fun to be around. Cant wait till spirit day starts and the football games.

  10. hey

    I thought it was relly more simplier than last year because i knew how to get around the whole school since im in eighth grade.
    It wasnt as hectic as last year was. Everything was very organized even know that all the class rooms were being moved all around the school.

  11. I think that this school year will be a really great one, espesially since it’s my last year here and I will be a high school student next year. I hope that this school year will be really good one with the best Spring Fling of them all and really great pep rallies. I just want to say that I am happy to have been at this school.

  12. I think the first couple of days of school were kind of hectic. But that is how it usually is, I guess. It’s good to see friends again though, which I did. It was hard not going to homeroom before first period. But overall, I think it’s been a good first few days of school.

  13. The first day was pretty wild, people not knowing where to go, being in the wrong class, learning the new bell schedule (I still haven’t completely learned it), but the first day is always that way. The second day was almost like regular old school, but we still had to get supply lists for some classes, and get lockers for PE. This week, though, I think school has really started and everything is back to normal.

  14. The first and second day of school were great!!
    I love all of my teachers that i got, they are all so nice! I loved seeing all of my friends, i missed them so much!!
    I also love all of my classes. I think that this year is going to be so much fun!

  15. The first couple of days of school have been great so far. We get to see all of our friends and meet our new teachers we will have for the rest of the year.

  16. The fist day of school was very exciting. I enjoyed meeting my teachers and seeing my friends again. The halls were packed and eveyone seemed glad to be back in school. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!


  17. I really enjoyed the first day of school.It was hard to get out of bed,but it was worth it.I am really looking forward to be with all of my friends.Honors science is going to be really cool this year.Mrs.Cooper has some really cool things planned for this year.8th grade is going to be good for me.

  18. Hey Dr. Williams I thought the first day of school was ok. I had a hard time getting to my classes on time, but I was just fine. I like all off my teachers though. I have Mrs.Cooper, Mrs.Peck, Coach Trotman, and Mrs. Kyzer. Coach Trotman is really funny!


  19. these first four days have been great and also i’m looking forward to bing in the 8th grade and plus bing an P.E. aide rocks also it looks like a fun year.

  20. The first two days of school were actually really fun!!
    It was a little confusing but still fun.
    Im glad to be back to so I can see all of my friends!!
    But, it is really hard for me to get up now cause I normally woke up whenever we are going to lunch in 5th Period now!!
    Overall, it has been GREAT!!


  21. The first two days of school were okay to me.But I really liked meeting the teachers in the 8th grade. I also,liked seeing my friends again to, I am really happy that I came back to school.

  22. I thought that the first to days of school where very interseting!All the teachers are great! I can not wait till peperallys & football games! i wwant to see how all the sixth grades like them!


  23. I thought the first days o f school were real hectic but I think it will be better soon.

    Go Huskies!

  24. My frst few days of school were funn.
    I got to see all my friends i havent seen in a while so that was good :]
    i really like all my teachers!
    Im looking forward to the rest of the year!!!!

  25. Dr.Williams,

    The first two days of school were great! This school year is going to be very good.


  26. Commenting on Stephen’s comment. PLEASE DON’T GIVE US SO MUCH HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Your school sounds like an absolutely wonderful place to be. I think the students’ writing is impressive, but their enthusiasm is awesome. Good wishes to everyone at the Hewitt-Trussville Middle School for a wonderful new school year.

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